Employee Ownership

It makes sense that if you want to build engagement in your organisation, you must begin by building a culture that ignites the passions of your people. One of the most essential factors for igniting the energy, motivation and engagement that drives our economy is capturing the human spirit. So inclusiveness is critical to any company’s success these days.
Business is realising the power of placing ownership in employee hands. Instead of fixing a broken system, innovative communities are creating a whole new system altogether, one that‘s profitable, sustainable, people-focused, creates good jobs, and re-enforces co-operation. 
The responsibility of employee ownership requires capable people to meet high expectations. To ensure it cultivates a talented employee base, business should commit to making its organisation a community of customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees that includes as many expressions of human aptitude and potential as possible through its inclusiveness and diversity initiative. 
Employee ownership is an achievable and successful business model in every sector of the economy that constantly challenges the conventional wisdom of those who suggest business owners should always share ownership with external investors. Its time has come.
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