Exit Statement

Following eight years with the Murphy Group, I have formally decided to exit as a main board director of the company, effective as of Wednesday 26th March 2014.
My appointment to Deputy Chairman by my father John Murphy, was a decision he made with confidence and strength. He chose that same moment to publicly announce his long held wish for me to take over the running of the family business.
My father remains a great inspiration to me. I was delighted to have seen the company grow in strength during the years I worked embedding his values into the structure of the Murphy Group. I was proud to see those efforts recognised independently too, when I was named as one of the top five private business women in the UK. 
My father established the company to provide opportunities to migrants arriving in the UK, mainly from Ireland.  He believed his colleagues deserved his respect and loyalty. It was a great source of joy for him to see people learn, grow and fulfil their potential. But most of all, he was proud to have created a workplace where barriers to progression were few. 
The natural extension of my father's values, in my view, is the development of the Murphy Group into an employee owned structure. It is the people working within this company that have created its success and I believe the future of his legacy is best entrusted into their capable hands. I have been vocal in my belief that leadership of this business must include those working on the ground, if it is to continue to deliver for the clients who have placed their trust in us over the years. 
Taking into account the direction of the board’s interests, the current structure holds no space for me to develop this process further.
Alongside my role in the family business, I have supported communities in an effort to empower those without a voice and I plan to continue my work in this area. I have been especially saddened by the involvement in blacklisting by the construction industry and hope that in exiting my position as a director, I may be able to support the efforts of those striving for a fair resolution for the injustice they have suffered.
I wish all within the Murphy Group the greatest success for the future and I hope the company goes on to represent my father’s legacy and continues to provide work and opportunity for many years to come.
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