So life doesn’t always turn out as planned! It certainly didn’t for me. I’m a graduate in civil engineering. I’m someone who has possessed (for ever, it seems) a drive and a work ethic that is restless, relentless and all-consuming. Once upon a time, I worked sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, as director of a major company. And then all of a sudden I didn’t. More here...


At the age of 26, I just hit a brick wall running.

Really hit it. I was engulfed by familial, legal, personal and work related problems any one of which would have taken every last ounce of my physical and emotional strength to handle. Yet they all came together. They crashed through the ceiling on top of me, and I was pinioned underneath, rendered powerless and immobile from the weight and the pressure, and incapable of helping myself to find a way out.

I’m 31 now.

It’s taken me four years to restore some order and calm to my life

It has been a strange journey, and life before my breakdown was (for me) an extraordinary and exhilarating adventure.

My life has changed completely now and I love that too. I am passionate about certain issues and this is my new platform. I intend to comment, where I can and support the issues that matter to me. That’s violence against women and girls: but also therapy, psychotherapy and our attitudes to, and perception of, mental illness. On asset-stripped, down-sized, ethics-free corporate culture and its impact on people and society. And on what possibilities exist for creating healthier, happier lives & communities.

Which, considering my background, is fairly apt.

“Those who say it can't be done should get out of the way of those doing it.”

Chinese Proverb